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Summer 2002

Ray Harryhausen came over for a visit, along with Director John Landis.  John is holding the Might Joe Young armature; Ray is holding Kong.

The "Joe" puppet is the same one that Ray animated for the nightclub wrecking scene in "Might Joe Young", and also the scene where the cowboys and horses try to rope him.

Ray is still fit as a fiddle and an incredibly nice guy.  We felt like we were visited by the God of animation!

John Landis, Ray Harryhausen w/Bob & Kathy
Director John Landis, Bob and Kathy Burns,
and Ray Harryhausen.

Jim & Bob.jpg (33453 bytes)
Monster Bash 2003

My good friend Jim Bidelman (He's the good looking dude wearing the coat and tie) and me at Monster Bash this year. He's been an old friend of mine for years.

My friend Robert Taylor (not the actor), Miss Shock, and Sara Karloff.

I'm so honored and thrilled that George did this poster. He is such a great guy and wonderful artist.  Thanks to George "E-Gor" Chastain.

(To see a large version visit George's site.)


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