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2 art students with a Master!
Carrie Gaona, Jesse Meyer, with Carol Bauman (Deep Impact, SW: Phantom Menace) of ILM.
     at the Banquet...
Carol Bauman and Frank Dietz of Disney Animation Studios  (Hercules, Tarzan, "Things Are A Bit Sketchy".)


Dennis and a Tremors fans
Dennis Skotak, Carrie Gaona, Jesse and John Meyer.
     ...with Dorothy
Carrie, Jesse and Dorothy Fontana

Kathy Burns and Conchita
Kathy Burns plays veterinary to one of her favorite critters.
"Say ah...."
(Photo courtesy Frank Dietz)


Jerry Peters
Jerry Peters proudly displays his Gremlin.

Craig and Bob
Craig Endler (Bob's #1 Fan in Canyon Country)
at a Book Signing with Bob.
(Article and more pictures from the Book Signing)


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