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Haunted Attraction Magazine


Make-up Artist Magazinestar

SPFX Special Effects Magazinestar

Monster Kid Magazinestar

Scary Monsters Magazinestar

Happy Halloween Magazinestar

Action Figure Times

Ain't It Cool News

Tomb Creeper's Monster Clubstar

Astounding B-Monsterstar

B-Movie Theaterstar

Horror-Wood Webzine

Scarlet Street

Atomic Monsters

Monster Magazines-The First Decade



Go Herostar


The Gallery of Monster Toysstar

Budd Root's Basement Comics

MOVIEPROP.COM (not linked due to annoying pop-ups)


Amok Timestar

Creature Features

Cinema Collectors
(5/21/09 link was not functioning)



Haunting Halloween Haunted House

Halloween Alliancestar 

Hallowed Haunting Grounds



Terror on the Square!star

Wonderfest, USAstar

Monster Bashstar

Fanex 15
(aka Midnight Marque)

Monster-Mania Convention

Chiller Expo


Model Making

Dan Perez Studios

Dark Carnivalstar

Garage Kit Figure Modeling

Masterpiece Models
Professional museum quality replicas

CultTVman's SF Modeling Page!star

Skyhook Models -Science Fiction Resin Garage Kitsstar

Amazing Figure Modelerstar


T.M. Lindseystar

Lunar Modelsstar
(5/21/09 link was not functioning)


Televison/Radio/Film Nostalgia

The Crimson Collectorstar

Ghost Bustersstar
(the TV live action show)

Solar Guardstar
Dedicated to research and enjoyment of Books, Magazines,TV and Film's of the 1950's.

Filmation Wiki Ghost Bustersstar

Monster Horror Chiller Theatre
(as of 2008 site is halted, but may resume)

Count Gore De Vol's Dungeonstar

Space Heroes Tom Corbett Captain Video & Roaring Rocketsstar

Local Legends/The Real Little PartiGirlstar



Official Tom Savini Homepagestar

Official Daniel Roebuck Page

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Reggie Bannister's Phan Pagestar

Official Christopher Lee


Horror Hosts

E-gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hostsstar

T.V. Horror Host Gallery

Zacherley: The Cool Ghoul



The Lon Chaney Home Page (Sr.)

Boris Karloff
Dedicated to B.K. and maintained by his family.

Ray Harryhausen

Harry Thomas Tribute

Hammer Films: las obras maestras de Terence Fisher
(In Spanish)

Jack Pierce Tribute
another site with pop-ups



Society of Amateur and Professional Special Effects Makeup Artistsstar
(aka S.A.P.S.E.M.A.)

Dick Smith Make-up Coursestar

Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Art

Monster FX Makeup

Makeup FX/Lars Carlsson

Scream Team: Foam Latex Prosthetics

Arjan's Show-Biz Centre

Karin Van Vliet/Professional Make up Studio

Special Makeup Effects/Tim Northon



Stan Winston Studios

Steve Wang's Biomorphs Inc.

The Jim Henson Companystar

The Character Shop

Gammons Gulch Old West Town (Western Movie Sets/Museum)
(GG is a studio and a tourist site.)

Death Studios

Dasylva Studios


SPFX Supplies

Special Effect Supplystar

Burman Industries

Movie Prop & Stage Prop Blank Guns - Fake Guns - Movie Weapons



The Thing ('50's)

The THING (1982 vers.)star

King Kong - The Eighth Wonder of the World!star
Very nice comprehensive tribute

Apemania-a tribute to Planet of the Apes

The Day The Earth Stood Still fans will LOVE! this site.  Are you a F.riend O.f G.ort?

Mike's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Zone

DREAMER's Day the Earth Stood Still

The Time Machine Projectstar

War of the Worlds

Forbidden Planet


Just Plain Fun

Monster Kid Home Movies star

The Low Budget Time Machine

The Vampire Hunters Club

Casa Mai
There's something funny going on in this basement workshop.


Crumpkin's Pumpkins
broadband a must for this fun site



Laff In The Dark-Dark Ride and Funhouse Amusements

Monstrous Movie Musicstar

Bob's Basement "Outtakes"

Blue Monkey Comics


Hollywood Lost and Found


Sci Fi Stationstar
Neat stuff, all "under one roof".

Nightmarez Cafe

MoNsTeR mAsH: The Official Site

Wild and Woolly Videostar

Dark Carnival Bookstore

Halloween e-Greetings

Horror e-Greetings

EvilDeadClowns e-Greetings

Billys Basement

Robert Aragon & Dark Visionsstar
A bit of everything...

The Memories Museumstar

Bob Burns @ Internet Movie DB

Dark Delicaciesstar

The Robot Hutstar



Robert Toth Art Gallery

Bonesteel Space Artstar
(grabs your browser and won't let go, so we have forced this link to a new page)

Robert Scottstar
2009 Rondo Award, Fan Artist Of The Year

Frank Dietz: Things Are A Bit Sketchystar

Robert Aragon & Dark Visionsstar
A bit of everything...

Vincent Di Fatestar


Un-categorized Links

Werewolf TV Series


Gorilla Menstar

Irena Belle

God Of Vampires: Indy Movie Site

Movie Prop Collectors


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