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Bob and Kathy's Photo Album

Some of the photos contained in this album
fit into more than one category.

"Time is on my side..."

Time Machine photos (1 page)

"Mars and beyond..."

The Further Adventures of Major Mars  (1 page)

"A Boy and His Ape"

a few hairy photos...  (1 page)

"I ain't 'fraid 'o no ghost..."

the REAL Ghostbusters...  (2 pages!)

"Klassic Kreatures"

a few old "friends"...   (1 page)

"Basement Bonanza"  

miscellaneous stuff around the basement...  (3 pages!)

"Trick 'r Treat"   (6 pages!)

Halloween Extravaganza photos  New THING Page!

"It's Showtime! (4 pages!)

assorted photos from shows around the country

"Bob's Buddies"   (6 pages!)

photos of Bob and a few of his buddies

"Popcorn & Good 'n' Plenty"

assorted photos from TV, on the set, etc. (1 page)

"Snack Bar" (3 pages!)

contributed photos, and assorted other goodies...

"The reading room..."

photos from book signing events    (2 pages!)

RONDO AWARDS 2006 At Wonderfest Weekend.
Bob and Kathy are proud to take home several Rondo awards,
and very proud to be honored with
Rondos along with these fine folks!

l-r:  Joe Busam, Donnie Dunagan, Donna Lucas, Tom Weaver, Tim Lucas (rear),
Basil Gogos, Bob, John Goodwin (rear), and Kathy. 
(Not pictured: Dr. Gangrene and David Colton -presenter.)

Richard Green presented his
original artwork to Bob at Wonderfest.


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