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Bob Burns - Kogar Award     KOGAR'S RULES

You may submit a site for "Kogar" to review, only if it meets the criteria state below, by emailing your URL to:

KOGAR Awards will only be awarded to sites whose contents relates to at least one of these category descriptions:

Horror | Science Fiction | Terror/Thriller/Suspense/Murder Mystery | Fantasy
Toys | Halloween | TV/Film Memorabilia

"Kogar" and this webmaster have the last word whether a site qualifies.  Bad links, "adults only" material, and bad HTML will cost you and may disqualify your site.

No more than four (4), "Kogar Awards" will be presented each month.

Sites awarded should only display the "Kogar Award" on one of their pages, preferably the main page.

You may not alter the "Kogar Award" graphic in any manner including bite size and dimensions.

You may not alter the HTML code for the "Kogar Award" except to indicate the path to the location of the graphic on your server. (You should download the graphic and store it on your server, and not point to the graphic as stored on the hosting server.)

You may not use the "Kogar Award" for any other purpose than to display as site recognition. 

Do not display the "Kogar Award" unless you are approved.  The webmaster will periodically search for unauthorized use; if found you will be asked to remove the unauthorized graphic and be put on the "rotten banana" list until you comply.

You will be notified by email if you are a "Kogar Award" winner and instructed how to get the graphic and the html code.

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