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Members of this list will receive a modest amount of email--we don't expect it will be even as much a once a month.  But, every so often we might want to provide update information, let you know about Bob's projects or upcoming appearances, changes to this site, genre related announcements, collector's tips, etc.

Bob's mailing list is an OPT-IN list.  You will not be included in this list for occasional mailing unless you request to be included.  We are aggressively ANTI-SPAM, which is why we don't use software address books or automated mailing programs.  We keep our list in a plain text, comma delimited file.  Submitted email addresses do not remain on a public portion of the server and are only temporarily in a private protected portion of the server.  It takes longer this way, but it is one of the measure we take to protect your privacy.

BE ASSURED, this is a PRIVATE email list.  It will not be sold, nor will addresses be traded, distributed, etc. to other webmasters or accounts.  Your email will arrive as part of a Blind Courtesy Copy (BCC).

Please use the mailing list form here, to join.

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