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Handling fire is only for professionals
Joe Viskocil (Independence Day and Godzilla)
plays with fire.
(a la a little image enhancement from the webmaster)
     Bob Burns Web Site Steve Wang
Steve Wang (Drive, Guyver, Kung Fu Rascals)
Bob Burns Web Site Roebuck & Bauman
Carol Bauman of ILM (Deep Impact) and Daniel Roebuck (Halloween...The Happy Haunting of America, U.S. Marshals).
     Bob Burns Web Site Frank Dietz, Carol Bauman & J Meyer
Carol Bauman of ILM and Frank Dietz of Disney Animation Studios  (Hercules, Tarzan, "Things Are A Bit Sketchy")with Jesse Meyer (left).

Same Parks, TOR, and Bob Burns
Sam Park (Kerry Gammill's cousin) clowns
with Bob and TOR!

Bob with Kerry Gammill and Tor Johnson mask. Kerry Gammill, conceptual artist for Steve Johnson's XFX (PHANTOMS, SPECIES II, VIRUS, OUTER LIMITS) -- presenting Bob with a Tor Johnson mask created by make-up artist and model maker Joe Riley.



Jim Aupperle, Taylor White, Jim McPherson and Bruce Fuller
Photo by Kathe Duba Barnett

Jim Aupperle (A great stop motion animator), Taylor White (Percepto CDs), and Bruce Fuller (effects makeup artist) at Dark Delicacies for Bob's book signing.
Bob, Bob Skotak, and IB Melchior at Dark Delicacies book signing.
(They were there to sign their book MAN OF IMAGINATION.)

(Article and photos from the book signing.)

Bob, Bob, and IB
Photo by Kathe Duba Barnett



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