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A Little Bob-ography

BOB BURNS has a long and varied career in the horror and science fiction field. He began as an apprentice to legendary makeup man Paul Blaisdell in the mid 1950s. Burns helped build the monsters in Invasion Of The Saucermen, The She Creature and It Conquered the World.

In 1974, Burns starred with Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch in the Saturday morning hit Ghostbusters and in 1976 he starred as Major Mars in The Further Adventures of Major Mars, a favorite at Sci Fi conventions around the world.

Considered the godfather of Halloween by his many fans, Burns spent over 20 years creating Halloween extravaganzas in his hometown of Burbank, California. The elaborate shows became the proving ground for some of today's biggest names in special effects including Academy Award winners Rick Baker and Dennis Muren.

Burns remains an important force in the preservation of our Sci Fi memories. He serves as the technical consultant for the Discovery Channel's Movie Magic series and he co-hosts the "Bob's Basement" segments on Sci Fi Buzz, the Sci Fi Channel's successful news magazine. He also produced The Time Machine--A Journey Back and Hollywood Goes Ape.

Most recently Bob has appeared in Steve Wang's Drive and Halloween...The Happy Haunting Of America--Vol. 1, and numerous DVD supplements.

Burns currently lives in Burbank with his wife, Kathy, where he curates the Bob Burns Museum which contains one of the largest collections of movie props and anitque toys in the country. (See also Photo Album and Bob's Credits.)

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