The Official Bob Burns Web Site
The Official Bob Burns Web Site


Our family became acquainted with Bob Burns and his wife Kathy several years ago; not through a cable channel, or network, like many of Bob's fans, but rather by his personal appearance at the Scale Figure Modelers Society WONDERFEST Model and Toy Show. There is something special in liking someone that you've met and later discovering they are a celebrated authority--in fact, a celebrity. You know that your fondness is genuine and not effected by titles and labels. Indeed, we'd been acquainted with Bob Burns' work without even realizing it--we've seen those LUCY episodes and we've watched those movies and commercials.

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Kathy and Bob Burns with Jesse Meyer and Jeff
Jones at Wonderfest, several years ago...

Bob and Kathy are "regular folks"…as regular as you or the next person and more friendly than many people I know right in my own neighborhood. Bob's sense of humor, sense of wonder and enthusiasm is contagious…and we hope you "catch it," because we should all have fun in our lives!
I discovered that Kathy Burns and I have a common affection (or affliction? [grin]) for photography. Kathy is a wonderful photographer and when we have the opportunity to meet we pour over the photo albums. Bob Burns Web Site Kathy Burns

Bob is too modest to compile a professional profile about himself, so God Bless Kathy for putting pen to paper and recording Bob's credits.

With great fondness, and appreciation, we are pleased to host this "eensy-weensy" web space to let you get to know Bob Burns a little better. [smile]

…Cuz We Love that Bob!

--Joyce Meyer

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