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Trick 'r Treat 6


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"The Thing" 2002

Bob and THE THING skrim.jpg (39270 bytes)
Angus Skrim flanked by Daniel Roebuck and makeup artist John Goodwin.

Dan as Capt. Hendry

Frank as Capt. Hendry

Daniel Roebuck (left) and Frank Dietz (right) take turns at portraying Capt. Hendry.
Photos by Kathy Indiek


gangx.jpg (37264 bytes)
Some of the crew--without them a show couldn't go on.
(clockwise from the bottom) Jodi Hnatyshak, Laura Lee Hardy, Annette Pillow, Rebecca Cline, Dan Roebuck and Mark Shelton
self1.jpg (8877 bytes)
William Self, from the original sci-fi classic, with the "block of ice."


Constructing the set at the front of Bob's house...
building the set
Hours of labor:  countless
Set materials:  endless
End results:  PRICELESS!


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