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Bob Burns and friends in Halloween Extravaganzas 1979 "Alien"

Alien suit under construction

Bob Skotak and Tom Campbell work on the constructions of the Adult Alien costume. Dennis Skotak and D.C. Fontana also worked on the costume.

Bob Skotak holds the costume.

Alien suit under construction


The nearly complete costume for "Alien."

Alien suit nearly complete

Alien suit completed

The complete adult alien standing in the completed set of the "Nostromo."


Gut sculpting

Bob Burns sculpts the "guts" for the "face hugger." In the film they used real entrails of dead animals but Burns didn't want that for a live show so he sculpted them out of rubber.

Face hugger

The mechanical "face hugger" from the movie used in the Halloween show on "Alien."


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