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Kathy & Bob Burns
Kathy and I are on the set of
"The Low Budget Time Machine"

Bob Burns--on the set
Alpha Beta, Zotz, and Luna

We just wrapped shooting on a little movie that you'll be hearing more about.  I'm playing a Tracy-like (Ghost Busters) "Lab Assistant" character.  The working title is "THE LOW BUDGET TIME MACHINE" and it's produced by Buddy and Kathe Duba-Barnett, Chuck Williams, John Norris and Edward Plumb.

The Low Budget Time Machine stars Patrick Macnee, James Keane, Daniel Roebuck, William Sanderson, Duane Whitaker and many other very talented people. It even features a Blaisdell-esque monster. It was really fun!  These are some of the photos Kathy took on the set. The target release date is around Christmas.

Bob Burns Web Site--Jim and Dan
That's James Keane and Daniel Roebuck...

Bob Burns Web Site--Low Budget Time Machine
Duane Whitaker, Buddy Barnett,  Edward Plumb and Daniel Roebuck.

Is a gorilla suit a "chick magnet"?

Bob Burns Web Sites--Girls
Kathe-Duba Barnett, Bob as "Zotz",
and Art Director & sculptor Terri Hardin.

Bob Burns Web Site--TIME for girls
Jean Black, Bob, and Sammy Zax.

Bob and the Monster

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