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2001 Saturn Awards, June 12th.

Walter Koenig and Bob at the Saturn Awards
Walter Koenig with Bob at the Awards presentation.
Bob Burns and Rick Baker
Bob and Rick Baker at the Awards.


At the Jack Pierce tribute at a makeup trade show, "Ygor" and I met up with Forry Ackerman.

Forry, Dan, and Bob

Forry Ackerman, Daniel Roebuck as Ygor,
and the real scary one in this photo, Ol' Bob! really is Daniel Roebuck... after a little make-over a la John Goodwin. (Tremors, CSI, etc.)

John and Dan you think John has a slightlty wicked,
Vincent Price-like smile?

Moster Bash 2001
Monster Bash 2001
Photo contributed by:  Karl Spisak


Frank and Bob
Frank Dietz of Disney Animation Studios
(Hercules, Tarzan, Atlantis, and "Things Are A Bit Sketchy") and Bob Burns at a signing.


Bob and...
Makeup artist Kevin Haney, the Monster, and Bob.
Monster played by:  ?

Craig and Bob
Craig Endler (Bob's #1 Fan in Canyon Country)
at a Book Signing with Bob.


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