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Alvarez created wax figure of Rod Taylor for the Time Machine.



Bob, Kathy, and Rod Taylor
Bob, Kathy, and
the real Rod Taylor

(l-r  Andrea Alvarez, Henry Alvarez, Rod Taylor [wax], Bob and Kathy Burns)
Andrea and Henry Alvarez created this wonderful wax figure or Rod Taylor to accompany
Bob and Kathy's display of the Time Machine.


Miniature Big Ben from The Time Machine This "Big Ben" was used in the opening title sequence of the movie.

George Pal in the Time Machine

There was a montage of many clocks before the main titles. It was cheaper to build this miniature than to fly to England to shoot the real Big Ben.

George Pal (The producer and director of
"The Time Machine" -- 1960), sits in the machine at
"Return of the Time Machine" show - 1976.
(Bob Burns and friends in Halloween Extravaganzas)


Teeny-Tiny Time Machines
Tiny Time Machines Tiny Time Machines

This model is the size of a house fly--(no kidding), you almost have to look at it with a magnifing glass. That's why it's mounted on a crystal rock.

Tiny Time Machines

The above model was made by my friend Steve excellent model maker.

Tiny Time Machines


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