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Halloween 2002 Extravaganza

The Thing


Christopher Drake composed a score for the show.

Steve Lee created the sound FX.

For all those that couldn't make it to the show and those that have asked, there WILL BE a video/DVD release.  It will include selections from the live event, behind the scenes, interviews, and more.  Check this web site for details when they become available and/or sign-up for the mailing list.

Visiting the following websites to view articles, photos, etc. that fans have placed on their sites:

HollywoodLostandFound visits Bob Burns Halloween Extravaganza 2002

A visit to the "dress-rehearsal" by Steve Lee, who contribute sound effects for the show...

The THING From Bob Burns' Front Yard

Sam Park, long time friend and fan, helped out on the 2002 Extravaganza and wrote a fabulous article for Kerry Gammill's MONSTER KID Online Magazine.

Kerry Gammill, The THING, & Sam Park
Some GREAT photos here, too!

My Terrifying Encounter with
The Thing in Burbank

Craig Endler gleefully retells his visit to the Extravaganza.

View a list of Halloween Extravaganzas

Photo Album with THING photos!

Bob & Friends Halloween Extravaganza FLASH
Note:  The above link is a NEW  FLASH promotion for the
2002 Extravaganza and it will take time to load.

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